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Lose Body Fat, Tone Up and Get in the Best Shape of your Life with PURENERGY Fitness Group Exercise. “Great results at a fraction of the cost of Private Training.”

Guaranteed Results: Everyone knows that working with a Personal Trainer gets results. Even the world’s greatest, most motivated athletes use a whole team of Trainers. So if they can see the value in a coach, imagine how much more the average fitness enthusiast can benefit from someone overseeing their program ensuring it is safe, effective, efficient and most importantly, providing you the accountability and the kick-in-the butt you need to see great results. But not everyone can afford the services of a trainer, especially in today’s economy. So we’ve listened to our clients and created these classes to allow you to work with an instructor at a fraction of the cost by sharing the rate with others. Get ready for your Life to Change!

Commitment to continuing education: Not all group exercise classes are alike, our classes guarantee that you will be receiving the best class formats in the industry today. Many of the classes we teach are being taught in clubs all over the world.

We are professionals: We start when we say we will start and end when the class is scheduled to end. We understand that you have places to be and want to be sure the time you spend with us is spent working towards your goals.

Every class is programmed with purpose. We want to see you improve, obtain results, and stay injury free. Many of our instructors are also personal trainers. They have the knowledge to ensure good form at every level.

Your body will love the changes!



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    1 Week:          $15.00
    2 Weeks:        $30.00
    3 Weeks:        $45.00
    1 Month:        $55.00/month
    Auto-Renew:  $52.00/month
    Couples:        Starting @ $74.00/month
    1 year paid in full:      $47.67/month

Card fee with new memberships:    $15.00 per card

**Active Duty/Retired Military, Fire Dept., Police and Seniors (65+) receive a 10% discount**

Personal Training:
    One-on-One Training Fees:
        30 min session:    $25 - $33
        45 min session:    $37 - $49
        60 min session:    $50 - $65
Group Training:
        Varies on size of group and length of session. 
        Inquire at the front desk or email us at
PURENERGY for more information and prices.

Group Fitness Classes:
    Drop In:    Free for members
                    $10.00 per class for non-                    members