Group Exercise Classes


Cardio Kick (Monique)
Cardio Kick is a combination of strength, cardio, boxing and kickboxing, and core.  This class combines boxing with mitts and bags with the addition of kettlebells, medicine balls and other functional equipment in circuit form. No workout is ever the same, your body will love the results! 

Spin (Pam)
Featuring the ultra-quiet and comfortable, next generation LeMond RevMaster Pro indoor cycling bikes, this class will increase your endurance, up your energy, burn mass calories and jump-start your metabolism.  All bikes are set up with the RevMaster Pilot II which measures your time, distance, and cadence as you cycle - as well as provides feedback on calories burned and heart rate when you are wearing a Polar compatible heart rate monitor.

Yoga (Ashley, Asia, Cindy)
Both the mental and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice prove to be astonishing.  Yoga at PURENERGY is a hatha practice with a goal of coordinating breath with movement.  Each class focuses on flexibility, strength and balance. Hot yoga classes are done at 90-95 degrees.  

Group Training (Rockie)
This class has the fundamentals of a personal training session but in a group format. These classes cover strength, conditioning, functional work and athletic development to help you become, better, stronger, and improve your fitness level and lifting skills.

Barre (Cindy)
Every Barre class is set to music and begins with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises using light weights. The ballet barre is used to sculpt the lower body, abs and for flexibility training. The rest of class focuses heavily on thighs, calves and glutes for a high intensity, challenging and very low impact workout

Spin and Abs (Amanda, Caryn)
Get the best of both worlds, cardio and abs all in one class. Spend 30-40 minutes on the spin bikes and finish with a challenging mix of abs with your instructor.

Lunch Express (Alex)
Express Classes are 45 minutes in length with a very short warm-up and cool down.  We get you in and out, so you can still get your exercise despite a busy schedule.  From core work to resistance training to high-intensity intervals, these carefully designed, comprehensive workouts build endurance and target every major muscle group while defining your body from head to toe. 

Self Defense (Mike)
Our self-defense class is based on the principles of the Israeli martial art Krav Maga.  It is a simple, user friendly style, designed for real-world, violent encounters. Krav Maga uses natural body movements to create techniques that are easy for the body to learn and retain and use in high stress encounters. We use few techniques but apply them to many situations.  There are no tournaments or trophies; this is self-defense for the real world.

AMRAP (Bhadshah, Natasha)
AMRAP stands for "As many rounds as possible". This class is a challenge for all levels utilizing body weight exercises, functional weight workouts, and conditioning for a fast paced and fun workout.

TRX® (Christina, Molly)
Born in the Navy SEALS, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal.

Super Saturday Fit Camp (Varies)
Jump-start your weekend with 55 minutes of workout with a different instructor every weekend! All our trainers and instructors get to teach this class with one taking over each week. You just never know what fun surprises are in store when you come to the gym on Saturday morning. Get faster and stronger with circuit style exercises that will make you sweat and burn a ton of calories. Improve flexibility with Yoga, get a great leg and core workout in Barre, or get the perfect combination in Spin and Abs.



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